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Sample Digital Copies
Volume 79.2, February 2024, (special online issue on Performance Studies)
Volume 77.2, December 2021, (special online issue on Social Justice)
Volume 76.2, December 2020, (special online issue for the Centennial Celebration of the Women’s Vote)
Volume 75.2, December 2019, (special online issue for the 75th Anniversary of the PCA Annual)
Volume 74.2, December 2018, (special online issue on Undergraduate Research)
Volume 72.2, December 2016, (special online issue on Student Research)
Volume 71.2, February 2016, (special online issue on Philosophy of Communication)
Volume 70.3, December 2014, (special online issue on Graduate Research)
Volume 70.2, December 2014, (special online issue on PCA’s Diamond Anniversary)
Volume 70, October 2014, (print issue)
Volume 69, October 2013, (print issue)